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Exhibition Hall VI
  Layout Plan  
  Floor Area:   1,27,004 sq. ft. (11,799 m2)
  Floor Type:   Concrete IPS Floor
  Ceiling Height:   16.5 m at the cave
  20.91 m at the peak
  Please check layout plan for height under
  mezzanine floor
  Height of AC duct:   6.75 m
  Entry / Exit Gates:   G1, G2 - 4.50 m x 4.85
  G3, G4, G6 - 4.50 m x 4.50 m
  G5 - 4.90 m x 6.00 m
  Pillar Size:   A - 0.50 m x 1.45 m
  B- 0.80 m x 1.85 m
  C- 0.50 m x 1.40 m
  Pillar with power boards:   P - 1.00 m x 1.45 m
  Lights:   Metal Halide
  Current Supply:   415 / 200 volts, 50 Hz.
  (Outlets in each Pillar)   Three 16 Amps single phase outlets
  One 32 Amps three phase outlet
  Sanitation Service Blocks:   3 Nos.
  Utilities :   Water Supply / Housekeeping / Security / Wi-Fi services
  Temporary telephone lines
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