Bombay Exhibition Centre Nesco Center, Mumbai, India

Rules and Regulations

The following rules & regulations and the terms & conditions of Bombay Exhibition Center (BEC) shall be applicable to the Organisers of Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Events, Programs, conventions and all other activities (“Organiser(s)”) while availing the facilities available in the Premises and shall be read in conjunction with the Application Form dated 24th September 2018 executed between BEC and the Organiser(s). These rules are subject to alterations at any point of time, at the discretion of BEC, without prior notice.

  1. Background

    Bombay Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred to as “BEC” or “the Center”) is a division of Nesco Limited, a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1913, BEC offers various halls for Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Events, Programs, Convention/promotional activity.

  2. Control & Management

    • The policy decisions concerning holding exhibition are taken by the Management of BEC. The day-to-day management, administration and maintenance of Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas are looked after and regulated by the Officers of BEC under the direct control of the Executive Director of Nesco Limited.
    • The BEC may from time to time, prescribe rules and regulations governing the general management, administration, maintenance and use of the Premises, including the appointment and duties of employees connected with the Exhibition Halls.
  3. Interpretation

    • Organiser- The term Organiser’ includes (a) Individual-sole proprietor, (b) Association of Persons including Hindu Undivided Family, body of individuals, partnership firm, company, society or trust (c) Government Department, Government Company/ Corporation and nationalised undertakings which has applied to BEC for Premises for the purpose of organizing Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Events, Programs, Convention/promotional activity at any one of the exhibition areas.
    • Exhibitor- The term exhibitor/(s) includes (a) Individual - sole proprietor (b) Association of persons including Hindu undivided family, body of individuals, partnership firm, company, society or trust. (c) Government department, Government Company/ Corporation and nationalised undertakings which has been permitted by the Organiser(s) to exhibit items in any one or more of the spaces permitted by BEC to the Organiser(s) to hold Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Events, Programs, Convention/promotional activity.
  4. Use of Exhibition Halls

    Exhibition Halls and other areas may be permitted to be used at the discretion of BEC for holding Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Events, Programs, Convention/promotional activity on such days and during such hours for a Consideration/Compensation in accordance with the Schedule I mentioned in this BEC Rules & Regulations as agreed between the Parties (more particularly detailed under the Application Form) and upon such other terms and conditions detailed hereunder and subject to any revisions thereof from time to time, by BEC at its sole discretion.

  5. Measurement of area

    • The length of the gross area occupied by the exhibition should be measured column to column. If the length falls short of the column then such intermediate areas will be rounded off to the subsequent nearest column. Such occupied area shall begin from the frontage of the hall entrance; not situated at a distance from the hall entrance with a pathway leading to the exhibition area.
    • Measurement of the exhibition area will be taken every day. Payment for utilization of additional space and any other facilities/ services during the exhibition schedule is required to be made before close of the exhibition.
    • Joint Inspection of the exhibition space will be done by representatives of Organier(s) and Accounts Division, BEC on 1st day of exhibition at 2.00 PM failing which decision of BEC would be final and binding.
  6. Application for Space

    • The application for booking of the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas within the Premises shall be made in duplicate in the prescribed Application Form on the letter head of the Organiser(s) concern.
    • The charges for use of areas in Exhibition Halls for preparation/ Exhibition /Dismantling days and minimum area to be booked shall be mentioned and shall be paid as per Schedule I mentioned in this Rules & Regulations
  7. Handling & taking over of halls

    • The hall(s) shall be handed over by the estate department of BEC/Nesco on “as is where is” condition to the authorized representative of the Organiser(s) subject to receipt of payments as stated under Schedule I (the name and signature of the representative of the Organiser(s) who will take possession should be conveyed in writing (email permitted) to BEC at least 10 days in advance).
    • The Organiser(s) shall handover the vacant and peaceful possession of the Exhibition Hall(s) at or before 23.59 hours on the day of the last day of Exhibition Period.
  8. Allocation of Space

    • The applications which are in prescribed format and complete in all respects accompanied by a cheque/draft/Bank Transfer towards the requisite charges for rent and deposit will only be entertained. BEC reserves the right to accept or reject the application either in whole or in part without assigning any reason for doing so. The decision for allocation of space for the exhibition will be entirely reserved by BEC and frfffvbxthe Organiser(s) shall not make any claim in this regards.
    • Allocation of additional areas for use as exhibition space will subject to availability, at the discretion of BEC. Request for these areas must reach BEC before 10 days prior to the Exhibition The Organiser(s) will have to pay additional charges for the same as per the rates applicable from time to time. BEC also reserves the right to revoke allotment of these areas after being allotted to the Organiser(s) as and when it may need to do so. In such a case BEC will refund to the Organiser(s) the amount/s paid for these areas and will not be responsible to offer any alternate areas or options and the Organiser(s) shall not protest or claim any damages in this regards.
  9. Security Deposit

    • Organiser(s) who is/are allotted space will have to deposit, with the Centre, an interest-free amount as indicated in the application as Security Deposit" for the fulfillment of terms and conditions applicable for proper utilisation of the Exhibition Halls and or the other exhibition areas and its other amenities.
    • The deposit will be returned after the completion of the Exhibition Period i.e. upon Organiser(s) handing over vacant and peaceful possession of the Exhibition Halls in accordance with the Application Form and after adjustment of all dues/outstanding payable by the Organiser(s). The Organiser(s), in any event, will have to make good of any damage to the premises of the Exhibition Halls and other properties and installations of BEC on account of improper use/handling. The deposit will be refunded only after satisfactory clearance of space/site allocated or after adjusting the amount, if any, due from the Organiser(s) which shall be determined by BEC in its sole discretion and also after receipt of TDS certificate from Organiser
  10. Deduction for damages

    • From the amount deposited by way of Security Deposit, such sums shall be deducted as are needed to cover the amount of damage assessed by BEC. Damages shall include and shall be without limitation to any damages to building, furniture, fittings, paintings, electrical and any other apparatus, etc. during the use of the same by the Organiser(s) and the balance, if any as may be determined by BEC, shall be refunded. The decision of BEC in these cases shall be final and binding on the Organiser(s).
    • All the display equipment, exhibits, fittings, etc. will have to be free standing and self-supporting to avoid any damage to floors, ceiling, pillars, etc. of the premises. Nailing, digging, pasting and spitting is strictly prohibited in any part of the building premises. All damages made by either the Organiser(s) or his/their participants or the stand contractor will be the responsibility of the Organiser(s) and BEC will be entitled to deduct such sum as is needed to cover the amount of damages assessed by BEC at its sole discretion.
    • Organiser(s) and their contractors shall ensure that the landscaped area in front of and adjacent to Halls shall not be damaged otherwise BEC is entitled to recover and deduct the damages from Organiser(s).
  11. Recoveries for excessive damages

    If the amount of the damage done to the building etc., referred to rule 10 is more than the deposit amount, the differences as determined by BEC shall be paid by the Organiser(s) without any protest within 15 days failing which BEC shall be entitled to liquidated damages/Interest @24% p.a.

  12. Additional Security Deposit towards P&M charges

    Additional Security Deposit shall be paid within 7 days before the start of the Exhibition Period to this BEC Rules & Regulations based on the estimated power load and air conditioner requirement and other maintenance charges After the completion of Exhibition Final Invoice to be raised and the Organiser(s) either to pay the difference and/or BEC will refund the balance amount after deduction of actual charges.

  13. Maintenance Charges

    BEC will only be responsible for general cleaning and maintenance of all toilets and area outside exhibition halls prior to handing over the agreed facilities to the Organiser(s) and for their general maintenance during the exhibition period. Cleaning of these facilities during the Exhibition Period will be the responsibility of the Organiser(s) and shall also include maintenance and cleaning up of trash collection from stalls, carpet cleaning etc. Maintenance and payments of the Housekeeping staff shall be sole responsibility of the Organiser(s).

  14. Automatic Forfeiture

    In the event of a cancellation of the booking by the Organiser(s) for any reason, the Organiser(s) shall be liable to pay Cancellation and Surrender charges as per Schedule III to this BEC Rules & Regulations which amount shall be deducted from the amount paid by Organiser(s).

  15. Rescheduling

    • The Organiser(s) may be permitted, however at the full and sole discretion of BEC to reschedule their events subject to the availability of space and on the following conditions:
    • Re‐scheduling will be permitted only once and the rescheduled dates should be within 6 months of the original booking and/ or within the same financial year.
    • Minimum of 5 months’ notice prior to the date of the original date of booking.
    • At least 50% of the committed Consideration/Compensation should have been paid.
    • The proposed re‐scheduling should be for the same quantum of area booked in terms of per sqm./day. In the event of shortfall, the applicable penalty will have to be paid before such re‐scheduling.
    • Any rescheduling not complying with above criteria will be treated as cancellation of original booking and applicable Cancellation and Surrender charges shall be paid by the Organiser(s) without any protest and/or delay.
  16. Security & Stall

    • BEC shall always control the security at main gates No. 1, 2, 3 and other gates, however Exhibition Organiser(s) shall have their own security in the Exhibition/show/event. The Centre's Security Staff will not be responsible for Security and Safety of any exhibits during the Exhibition Period. The Security Staff of BEC will only be responsible for BEC's premises and provide assistance in crowd control. Further, special/ additional security requirements of the Organiser(s) will have to be arranged by him/ them at his/their cost, the arrangement of which will have to be done by him/them in coordination with the Security Manager of BEC. The Organiser(s) shall be solely liable and responsible towards any acts, omissions, negligence of the security persons engaged by them for the purpose of the Exhibition and shall indemnify BEC in respect of any disputes arising as a result of any acts, omissions and/or negligence of such security personnel’s.
    • BEC shall not be liable for any theft, damage, or loss of any property of the Organiser(s) All arrangements in respect of storage and display of items and of items during the installation, break down period and exhibition period will have to be at the Organiser (s’) own cost and risk.
  17. Payments by Bank Draft/Cheque/Bank Transfer

    All payments shall be made in favour of Nesco Limited by way of Cheque/Draft/Bank Transfer on or before the date prescribed in the payment terms provided in Schedule II to this BEC Rules & Regulation to the Organiser(s). If the payments are made later than the prescribed dates as stated under the Application Form, the Organiser(s) will have to then make payments by bank drafts. Failure to pay the balance of the total other maintenance charges and the deposits will be deemed as the unwillingness of the Organiser(s) to fulfill his / their obligation and consequently BEC reserves the right to cancel the allotment and to forfeit the amount paid without any intimation to him/them.

    Bank Details
    Account Name Nesco Limited
    Bank Name HDFC Bank
    Branch Fort Main
    Account Number 00600120000690
    IFSC Code(For RTGS & NEFT) HDFC00000690
  18. Refund

    • Application Charges paid as advance for allotment of space will refunded as per the policy
    • In the event of postponement as aforesaid or cancellation of booking of space, BEC will be entitled to re-allot the said area allotted to the Organiser(s) to any other party without prior notice to the former.
  19. Rates

    The rates applicable for booking of the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas for domestic and international Organiser(s) will be subject to revision from time to time by BEC in its sole discretion and will come into force on the day as determined by BEC without any intimation to the Organiser(s).

  20. No claim entertained on cancellation of permission

    BEC shall have the authority to cancel the confirmation already granted for the reasons beyond its control to any Organiser(s) without assigning any reason, in which case, the Organiser(s) shall be refunded the amount already paid by him without interest thereon. In the event of the Organiser(s) having already commenced the use of the space, such amount, after deducting the charges for such use, etc. shall be refunded. In the event of cancellation the Organiser(s) shall not be entitled to claim any damage or compensation whatsoever by reason of such cancellation.

  21. Right to alter area

    BEC reserves the right to alter, under special circumstances, the areas and dimensions of the space applied for and allocated after giving intimation in writing to the Organiser(s).

  22. Use of allotted area

    Space allotted to the Organiser(s) shall be used by him/them only for the purpose mentioned in the application form received from the Organiser(s) and accepted by BEC.

  23. Use limited to Specified Areas only

    The permission to use the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas shall be strictly limited to the area notified and shall not include access to any other part or floors of the Halls/building.

  24. Surrender of Space

    Organiser(s) is permitted to surrender the part of space booked by them subject to paying penalty as mentioned in the Schedule II to this Rules and Regulation

  25. Unusable areas

    BEC has reserved its right not to allot certain common areas like fire exits, passages, cafeteria, office areas, storerooms, etc. for exhibition/display. The Organiser(s) is/are expected not to use areas that are outside of the "grid” area. If the Organiser(s) fails to comply with this, BEC reserves the right to immediately remove any article stored /displayed/dumped in these areas.

  26. No circulation of Literature

    Literature of the floor plan, etc., will be circulated /published/given to the Organiser(s) general public only after obtaining written confirmation and approval of the booking of the Exhibition Halls or the other exhibition area. However, the Organiser(s) shall ensure safe custody and shall share the same with the third parties on a ‘Need to Know’ basis only. It shall be sole liability and the responsibility of the Organiser(s) to ensure safe custody and shall ensure that such floor plans are not being used for any unauthorized means. The Organiser(s) shall ensure that plans are returned to BEC upon the completion of the Exhibition Period.

  27. Additional facilities /services

    Payment for utilization of any other additional facilities / services during the currency of the exhibition be made before 7 days of the start of event/exhibition to Nesco Limited.

  28. Water supply/Electricity

    • Water will be available at the existing points for normal use. Any special requirements will have to be arranged by the Organiser(s) at his/their own cost, subject to feasibility on technical grounds for which prior approval, in writing, must be sought of the appropriate department of BEC.

    • All the wiring and other electrical requirements including fittings, etc. will have to be arranged by the Exhibition Orgnaiser(s) at his/its own costs. All electrical installation, wiring fittings including those to be provided to stalls and exhibits must be done by licensed electrical contractor of PWD as per PWD regulations. BEC will not be responsible or liable in any manner for cancellation of licence in case any defect is noticed by the officials of PWD before or during the Exhibition Period including the main exhibition dates and will be subject to inspection and approval by the electrical engineer of BEC and the power supply authority. The Exhibition Orgnaiser(s) shall provide to BEC all the receipts of the test report and completion of all other formalities for availing power supply connection and shall at all times comply with the directions and/or instructions of the PWD officials in this regards.

    • Electrical consumption charges will have to be paid by the Organiser(s) on the basis of the meter reading as per the rate applicable during the Exhibition Period. The Organiser(s) should ensure that he/it collects the meter reading before and after the exhibition with the confirmation from the BEC’s technicians and the same shall be recorded in writing by the duly authorized representatives of the Parties.

  29. Fire Prevention

    • The Organiser(s) shall at his /their own expense provide and maintain fire fighting equipments at all the stalls as per safety regulations. He is / they are requested to acquaint himself/themselves with the position of the nearest fire hydrants. It would also be advisable for the Organiser(s) to familiarise himself/themselves with BEC's fire room extension. All fire-fighting equipments and arrangements, etc. will have to be approved and certified by the fire brigade authorities of the Bombay Municipal Corporation as may be applicable. We would advise extreme emphasis in this respect as all electrical connections are of a temporary nature. In case any additional Fire extinguisher is required to be installed at the request of Organiser(s), the same shall be installed at the Organiser(s) cost.
    • No gas stove and other implements using live flame are permitted for the purpose of any demonstration and Food and Beverages Services. The use of fire hazard material like thatch, dry grass and other similar inflammable materials are not permitted.
    • The Organiser(s) of the exhibition is expected to strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down by the Mumbai Fire Brigade, CFO authorities in order to prevent fire.
    • The Organiser(s) is fully responsible for prevention of any mishap – fire, stampede – in the Halls and BEC reserves the right to cancel the holding of an event at any time if the arrangements made by the Organiser(s) do not meet public safety norms.
    • The Organiser(s) will ensure that no Organiser(s) keeps any hazardous chemicals, gases, firearms in the stalls.
    • Public safety is of paramount importance. The Organiser(s) will ensure that no untoward incident takes place. The Organiser(s) will post trained personnel to manage visitors’ movement properly. Adequate first aid services/paramedical services/medical services should also be arranged by the Organiser(s).
  30. Insurance

    The Organiser(s) shall make his/their own arrangement for insurance coverage, for all types of risks for his/their own and third parties’ property and life. BEC shall not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to exhibits or life, in whatsoever manner, or any liability towards the Organiser(s) or to the third parties.

  31. Buildup Breakdown and removal of stand exhibits, etc.

    • All the display equipment, exhibits, fittings, etc., will have to be free standing and self-supporting to avoid damage to floors, ceiling, pillars, etc., of the premises. Nailing, digging, pasting and spitting are strictly prohibited in any part of the building premises. All damages made by either the Organiser(s) or the stand contractor will be the responsibility of the Organiser (s).
    • Moving machinery/exhibits shall be enclosed by continuous rigid expanded metal mesh and /or guard rail of suitable height from the ground. Such machinery shall be manned by responsible and competent handlers to control the machinery in motion. There should be no damage to any part of the structure of BEC and other exhibition areas while moving any exhibits.
    • All stands, exhibits, and temporary installations shall be removed and the site restored to the original condition at the Organiser(s) cost and responsibility. Failure to clear the site in its stipulated time shall render the Organiser(s) liable to pay damages at twice daily rate of Compensation and proportionate maintenance charges. BEC has a right to claim further damages/losses incurred due to delay in vacating Exhibition halls by Organiser(s). Notwithstanding this, BEC shall have the discretion to remove such exhibition structures./stands/exhibits, out of BEC's center at the end of the stipulated Exhibition Period at the Organiser(s) cost and risk.
  32. Prohibited and Unsuitable Exhibits.

    BEC reserves the right at any time during the Exhibition Period to prohibit exhibition, distribution or sale of any article including printed literature(s) which it considers unsuitable or objectionable and to confiscate it. BEC reserves the right to prohibit the Organiser(s) from selling, distributing or demonstrating to the public if his conduct or that of his agent is likely to cause offence to anyone or is otherwise considered objectionable in any manner.

  33. Banners, Hoarding, etc.

    No hoarding / banner(s) will be allowed anywhere in the center (other than those permitted and approved by BEC). BMC's permission shall also be obtained wherever necessary by the Organiser(s) at his / their own cost.

  34. Theft or damaged Material

    Any misplacement or theft or damage of material/exhibits whether during or after the close of the exhibition, when the material is kept in the premises will be the sole responsibility of the Organiser(s) and his/their participants.

  35. Storage of surplus material, packing cases, etc.

    • BEC shall provide the space for the storage of minimum 5% of gross rented area at any other space identified by Nesco, with no additional cost.
    • If all the dues are not settled as per payment schedule, BEC reserves its right to seize the exhibition materials until the full and final settlement of accounts by the Organiser(s) of all its dues. This shall be applicable in case of the cancellation and/or re-scheduling of the Exhibition by Organiser(s).
  36. Obtaining various licenses/permission for holding the exhibitions

    • Organiser(s) shall, ensure that all necessary permissions, licenses and approvals are obtained from all concerned authorities, for the purposes of organizing exhibition/events for enabling Nesco to authorise/ permit Organiser(s) to take possession of the said Premises and Exhibition Halls and for setting up temporary structures at the open areas.
    • Organiser(s) shall submit photocopies of all such statutory approvals as requested mentioned in “Schedule IV” herein to BEC prior to 7 days to the commencement of the Exhibition Period. The Organiser(s) shall ensure that the permission and statutory approvals obtained by it shall be valid and subsisting until the completion of the Exhibition Period and the Organiser(s) shall indemnify BEC in this regard.
    • BEC agrees to provide requisite No Objection Certificates / letters/ any other writings required under law for the purpose of holding exhibition, in favour of the Organiser(s), for procurement of statutory permission, subject to the timely payment of consideration/compensation as stated under the Application Form.
    • Contractors and/or any third party engaged by the Organiser(s) shall adhere to the terms of BEC for setting up new temporary construction, alterations or modification within or outside the Exhibition Halls, with the written permission of BEC. Organiser(s) undertakes to bear the cost for all damages caused during course of various works and agrees to reimburse BEC/Nesco the charges for restoring such damages. For large/mezzanine stalls, the Organizer agrees to place the foundations on metal plates/platforms.
    • If admission to exhibition is by sale of tickets, the relevant license and regulatory approvals for the same must be obtained by the Organiser(s), If any exception from entertainment tax is to be claimed, the same will have to be obtained prior to the commencement of the Exhibition Period and the documents in relation thereof shall be submitted by the Organiser(s) to BEC at least Seven (7) days in advance prior to the Exhibition Period. If a Municipal License is necessary, the same shall be obtained up to the completion of the Exhibition Period. All formalities shall be completed by the Organiser(s) before the start of the Exhibition Period and copies of the relevant document in token of having completed these formalities shall be given to BEC.
    • In case the event involves an activity which attracts Entertainment Tax, then Organiser(s) are advised to take necessary clearance/ NOC/ Authorization Certificate from Entertainment Tax Department before taking possession of the venue in accordance to the aforestated. BEC reserves the right not to give possession of Exhibition Halls if the necessary approvals are not availed off.
    • If the exhibition involves across‐the‐counter‐sales, the Organiser(s) has to ensure that the Sales Tax Department and VAT Department is informed in advance and all the payable tax is deposited by the Organiser(s)and Organiser(s) hereunder agrees to provide an undertaking in this regards to BEC.
    • The Organiser(s) of musical and other events are also required to obtain Public Performance License from the concerned society such as Indian Performance Rights Society Ltd., Or any other relevant society, Mumbai. The Organiser(s) is also required to follow all local rules and regulations governing such events and hereby agrees to indemnify BEC in this regards.
    • The allotment of Exhibition Halls and the Premises is on the understanding that all liabilities on account of service tax will accrue to the Organiser(s) and that the Organizer will indemnify BEC against any amount which becomes payable/paid on this account.
  37. Car Parking

    BEC provides Grounds for the purposes of parking vehicles; subject to availability, The aforesaid grounds are suitable for the purposes of parking vehicles such as four wheelers and two wheelers. BEC/Nesco will charge for parking of vehicles at the allotted parking spaces as mentioned in Schedule II to this Rules & Regulation. BEC has right to revise parking charges without giving prior notice. Cars shall not be park on the internal roads and shall be parked in the car parking area only and the Organiser(s) shall ensure compliance hereof at its sole cost and expense. Any complaints received from the authorities in this regards shall be settled and costs towards the same shall be borne by the Organiser(s).

  38. Oral agreements

    Oral agreements shall become valid only after they have been confirmed in writing by both sides.

  39. Infringement of regulations

    In the event of infringement of any of these regulations, BEC shall be entitled to immediately close down the operation of the Organiser(s) at the Exhibition Halls and / or at the other exhibition area(s) at its sole discretion without assigning any reason for the same and shall be entitled to the penalty as may be determined by BEC in its sole discretion.

  40. Cancellation of permission for objectionable or Irregular uses.

    If at any time after the grant of permission for the use of the Exhibition Halls and/or the Premises, BEC considers that it has reason to believe that:

    • The exhibition for which permission has been granted (a) is found to be objectionable or (b) Organiser(s) is transgressing or likely to transgress any of its Rules and Regulations relating to the use of the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas.
    • If the Organiser(s) has made a false statement concerning the scope and the object of the Exhibition, BEC shall be at liberty to cancel the permission to use the Exhibition Center and other exhibition areas without assigning any reason. In such an event, the advance and the deposit received from the Organiser(s) shall be refunded without interest. The decision of BEC shall not be questioned and shall be binding and final and the Organiser(s) shall not be entitled to claim any damage or compensation whatsoever by reason of cancellation.
    • The afore stated shall be in addition to terms of cancellation as stated anywhere else in this BEC Rules and Regulations
  41. Power to reduce and waive the charges

    BEC shall have the right to waive or reduce charges in cases it may, in its discretion think fit, subject to such regulations as may be laid down from time to time by BEC or on case to case basis. These decisions to waive or reduce charges will not be applicable to all Organiser(s)

  42. Validation of Receipts and Reservations

    All reservations as also all receipts for all payments and charges and dues shall become valid when signed by office bearers/authorized representatives of BEC.

  43. Failure of services

    BEC is equipped for supply of electricity and water etc. While every effort shall be made to maintain the services in order, BEC shall not be responsible for any failure or breakdown or curtailment thereof or any damage/loss caused to the Organiser(s) thereby.

  44. Orderly conduct

    All programs and activities of the exhibition conducted by the Organiser(s) shall be orderly and entirely lawful and strictly within the scope of the objects for which the use of the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas is applied for. The Organiser(s) shall undertake all responsibilities and BEC shall be, in no way, held responsible in any manner.

  45. Smoking and any other nuisance forbidden

    Spitting, smoking, committing nuisance of any kind or otherwise making any portion of the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas or furniture, walls, etc. dirty in any way is strictly prohibited and the Organiser(s) shall be responsible for any breach of these rules. It must also be ensured by the Organiser(s) that all stall embellishments like tables, chairs and stall display materials will not be placed outside the stall area allotted to the Organiser(s). BEC will reserve the right to remove from its premises any of these items. The stall owners must not have any dangerous or hazardous materials on display during the exhibition/trade show in the Exhibition Halls or in the other Exhibition areas.

  46. Contractors/ Catering

    • Organiser(s) shall be entitled to engage at its own cost and expense, contractors, engineers, maintenance staff, supervisors, employees, security guards, workmen etc. BEC shall provide to Exhibition Organiser(s) a list of blacklisted contractors, agencies & individuals immediately on execution/signing of this agreement and such blacklist will be provided by BEC to the Organiser(s). The Organiser(s) shall not engages services of such blacklisted contractors or its affiliates any deviation from BEC directives will entail the penalty of Rs.100000/- debited from security deposit.
    • No catering by any outsiders shall be permitted in the premises of BEC and the other exhibition areas. Catering facilities shall, however, be made available through the authorised Caterers of BEC.
  47. Sub-letting

    Organiser(s) shall not sub-let or allow the use of any part of the space allotted to him/them to any other party for holding exhibition without the prior written approval of BEC.

  48. No music or loudspeaker outside the entrance.

    No music of any kind shall be played at the entrance nor shall loudspeakers be installed outside the entrance of the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas without the permission of BEC.

  49. Badges for attendants/stall participants

    The Organiser(s) shall provide proper identification badges for the attendants, staff, participants and others who are required to work at the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas on behalf of Organiser(s) ts. It must be ensured that a copy of the badge/s will be provided to BEC before the start of the exhibition. The Organiser(s) shall also provide a list of all the personnel’s engaged and/or contracted to BEC for its reference and records.

  50. Authority to enter the Exhibition halls and other exhibition areas

    The Manager, Officers and Staff of BEC connected with the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas shall have full authority to enter any part of the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas at any point of time.

  51. Responsibility of Organiser(s) for all legal obligations and taxes

    In addition to the aforestated liabilities and responsibilities of the Organiser(s), the Organiser(s) shall also be solely responsible for:

    • Proper use and damage to the property of BEC while in his/their use
    • Observance of Police and Municipal Rules and Regulations in force for use of the space beyond the stipulated hours fixed by the Government and Municipal Authorities and obtaining ticket selling and Entertainment licenses from the Commissioner of Police.
    • Payment of all taxes/ cesses/duties to appropriate authorities from time to time.
    • Furnishing photocopies of the documents as may be relevant well in advance before the performance of the program to the officer authorised by BEC.
    • Obtaining Performance License from Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bombay.
  52. BEC not responsible if Exhibition Halls not allowed for use

    The use of the Exhibition Halls shall be available in order of reservations made in advance, but for any reason, if it is not possible to allow the use thereof, BEC shall not be held responsible in any respect, and space not in this event, the amount standing to the credit of the party shall be refunded but the Organiser(s) not claim any damage or compensation on that account

  53. Signage

    BEC has commissioned, installed and maintained the permanent signage’s at the Entry/Exit, Emergency exits, Toilets and inside all the halls. In case any additional signage is required to be installed either through an appropriate agency or through BEC, the same shall be facilitated by BEC, at the cost of Organiser(s).

  54. Entry/Exit gates Signage

    • Organizer will be permitted to use entry and exit Gates Nos. 1 & 2 for creating attractive exhibition entrance as follows with prior approval of BEC
    • A. Main entry gates to BEC – Gate Signaze size 6’widht x18’Height for each gate _____
    • Approach road to exhibition halls & in front of exhibition halls.- to put up flag poles / flags buntings, decorative lighting
    • The cost of structure, preparing and painting of hoardings, etc. will be at the cost of Organiser(s)
  55. CC TV Camera

    Nesco has installed CCTV cameras at the main entrances and exits of all the Halls, vouter peripherals and such other required places. If the additional CCTV cameras are required to be installed inside the halls as per Organiser(s) convenience and requirement, the same may be installed at the cost of Organiser(s).

    • Common Control Room in Hall No.1, will provide the access of all the activities on this aforementioned CCTV camera’s and if required and requested, same may be linked with the Organiser(s) Control Room at the sole discretion of BEC.
  56. WI-FI Service

    BEC shall provide internet /Wifi services in various halls at tariffs decided by BEC as mentioned in the Schedule III to this Rules and Regulations. Additional infrastructure apart from the existing infrastructure required by Organiser(s) for additional network services shall be at extra charges as decided and provided by BEC. Charges for the same shall be payable 7 days before the start of exhibition.

  57. Labour Laws

    The Organiser(s) is responsible and liable for compliance of all Labour related laws and payment of wages to the labourers engaged by it. BEC is not responsible and liable for the payment of wages to any labour The Organiser(s) indemnifies and shall keep fully indemnified BEC against all demand, costs, and litigations arising out of non-payment of wages to labour/s employed by either the Organiser(s) or his /its /contractor.

  58. Traffic NOC/permission and Bandobast

    The Organiser shall obtain NOC and relevant permissionsf from the appropriate authority for managing the vehicular the traffic at its cost. For controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic on days of the exhibition, prior intimation by the Organiser(s) to the Local Police Station is recommended. Organiser(s) ensure on the followings:

    • Trucks and other vehicles should vacate all grounds to avoid paying for parking.
    • Co‐ordinate with our estate & security team members for ensuring harmony during the exhibition schedule.

    For maintaining services, entry of vehicles for the following categories is allowed on the basis of permits issued by the Security Division:

    • Debris trucks, Water tankers, Ambulance, Cash Vans of Banks, Maintenance Vehicles, Vehicles for carrying musical instruments and artists in costumes, Police Patrol Vehicles.
    • Entry of vehicles of all other purposes is strictly prohibited during exhibition hours to ensure free and unhindered movement of visitors. The aforestated shall be in addition to any other obligations that may accrue on the Organizer in relation hereof. The Organizer shall be solely liable and responsible for the compliance and guidelines stipulated in the traffic NOC obtained by the Organizer from the relevant authorities.
  59. Indemnifying the BEC

    • BEC shall not be responsible for any injury or damage which may be caused or done to the persons including the contractors or any other third party or property of the Organiser (s)s, to the person or property of their employees agents and customers who may for the time being be in occupation or visiting or being in or about the Exhibition Halls or the said premises, whether such injury or damage may be caused by fire, rain, tempest, leakage, drainage, or bursting of water lines, waste or sewage pipe or tanks, electric gas or other appliances and whether the same be in or upon the said premises or not or by the collapse or giving way of the building or any part thereof including any portion of the flooring ceiling walls, timber terrace of roof or from any cause or causes whatsoever. BEC shall not be responsible or liable to the Exhibition Organiser(s) for any shortage or deficiency or total stoppage or failure of water and / or electricity supply of air conditioning services or any of them.

    • Every Organiser(s) shall hold an exhibition at his own risk. The Organiser(s) will agree indemnify BEC/Nesco Limited and keep the BEC/Nesco Limited indemnified against any legal proceedings or costs, charges expenses and/or damages that may be suffered, incurred or borne or which may arise from any non-settlement of payments and any injury or accident caused by property used by him or by his agents representatives, contractors, employees or his participants. Neither the Organiser(s) nor his agents representatives, contractors, employees or his participants will have any claim against BEC/Nesco Limited for damages, either for personal injury or damage to any of his property arising from negligence or default of any person or from any other cause or from any loss, sustained as a result of temporary non-availability of any service. The Organiser(s) shall effectively indemnify BEC/Nesco Limited against any liability whatsoever including that of any injury or harm to the visiting public arising out of the exhibition at the Exhibition Halls and other exhibition areas. The Organiser(s) shall notify its agents, representatives, contractors, employees and his participants of these conditions.
    • The Organiser(s) shall be solely liable and responsible to the loss, harm, injury, claims, damages including the direct, indirect, special, punitive and/or consequential damages that BEC/NESCO may incur as a result of cancellation, postponement of the Exhibition by the Organiser(s) acts, omissions, negligence by the Organiser(s), its directors, officers, employees, representatives, its contractor, sub-contractors or any other third party including the attendees of the Exhibition.
  60. Force Majure:

    Any delay or failure of performance by either party to this agreement shall not constitute default hereunder or give rise to any claims for damages against that party, if and to the extent such delay or failure of performance is caused by matters beyond reasonable control of such party including, but not limited to the acts of God, acts of Governmental authority and requirement of space by Government Authority or any appropriate authority, Rules & regulation of Government & any appropriate authority strikes, lockouts, trade disputes or other concerned act of workmen, fires, floods, severe droughts, explosion, riots, war, breakdown, etc.

    In the event of the Government imposing complete lockdown and exhibitions/ events are not permitted by the MCGM/ GoM/ GoI due to any pandemic/epidemic resulting in the postponement/cancellation /and reduction in area and days of exhibition, then the BEC will permit the exhibitions/ events to do so without imposing any penalties.

  61. Bombs & Bomb Scare

    BEC will undertake security measures in cooperation with the Organiser(s) in view of any bomb threats that could be received by BEC or the Organiser(s) in the course of the exhibition. BEC will be indemnified by the Organiser(s) against claims for any loss, damages that may be caused during the process of the evacuation whenever required as security measure or during measures BEC deems fit for security reasons. BEC will not be liable to the Organiser(s) and/or any stall participants in the exhibition and/or their respective agents, servants, employees, licensees, invitees, visitors and guests may by reason of any theft and/or pilferages of and/or damage to the property of the Organiser(s) and/or any stall owners and/or participants in the exhibition and/or their agents, servants, employees, licensees, visitors and guests or for any claim on account of injury or loss to life during the process of evacuation whenever required as security measures or during measures undertaken by BEC as it may deem fit for security reasons. The Organiser(s) will indemnify and keep indemnified and harmless BEC/Nesco Limited, its agents, and servants against all claims for loss of property on account of theft and/or pilferage’s of and/or damage to property of stall owners and/or participants in the exhibition, their respective agents, servants, employees, invitees, licensees, guests and visitors and claims on account of injury or loss of life caused during the process of evacuation whenever required as a security measure during any measures BEC may take as it deems fit for security reasons.

  62. Performance/ compliance by Organiser(s)

    The Organiser shall perform and observe strictly the provisions hereof and also the provisions of law of the country in force and also the rules and regulations and byelaws of BEC which may be revised by BEC from time to time at its sole discretion. In the event, the Organiser(s) is required to pay any sum/(s) under any provisions of law of the State/Country, the Organiser(s), shall pay forthwith to BEC/Nesco Limited on demand, the amount so required to be paid by the Organiser(s).

  63. Interpretation

    The decision of BEC as regards interpretation of the Rules & Regulations shall be binding on the Organiser(s).

  64. Arbitration

    In case of any disputes arises between the parties, same shall be amicably resolve by authorized representative of both the Parties failing which such disputes or differences shall be referred to the decision of Sole Arbitrator i.e. of the Chairman of Nesco Limited. The venue of Arbitration shall be Mumbai and shall be conducted in English language.

  65. Jurisdiction

    Courts at Mumbai alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising between BEC and the Organiser(s).

  66. Amendment

    BEC reserves right to amend, change and modify and cancel Rules and regulation from time to time.

I / We have read the above Bombay Exhibition Center Rules and Regulations which we accept and undertake to abide by them. I / We also accept that incase of failure on my / our part to comply with any one or more of the above-mentioned terms and conditions, BEC would be entitled to cancel the exhibition / promotional activity.

__________ Designation

Schedule I

Per Day Tariff for the various premises during 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2023 are as follows:

No. Halls Total Area Minimum Area Tariff on Exhibition days Tariff on Preparation / dismantling days One day event
Commercial Non Commercial
1 I 19143 19143 280 140
2 II 7378 7378 280 140
3 II Bay 2975 2975 140 70
4 III 11799 11799 280 140
5 V 4664 4664 280 140
6 IV 10800 10800 280 140
7 P1 18500
8 P2 4010
9 VIP GR 4700

Schedule II

1. Payment Schedule for the use of the exhibition Halls

No Amount Payable % Rs
1 Received Rs.__/- incl. GST. Amount payable immediately 15
2 on or before _________ 25
3 on or before ___________ 35
4 on or before __________, along with payment for additional area and facilities required, if any. 25

2. Parking Charges

Four Wheelers Rs. 100/-
Two Wheelers Rs. 20/-
Trucks and Buses Rs. 200/-
Trailers Rs. 500/-

3. Cancellation Charges

Period of cancellation/postponement prior to the exhibition Cancellation/postponement fee applicable as % of total estimated compensation along with taxes
181 days or more 20%
Between 180 days and 120 days 25%
Between 119 days and 80 days 50%
Between 79 days and 30 days 80%
Between 29 days and less 100%

4. Surrender Charges

Notice period from exhibition date Amount in % of total fees paid
366 days above 3%
271-365 days 7.5%
181-270 days 15%
91-180 days 30%
help 16-90 days 45%
0-15 days 100%

Schedule III

Charges for Other Exhibition Facility(ies):

Sr No Facility Amount (in INR)
1 Wifi services
2 Additional Security Deposit
3 Meeting rooms in Exhibition Hall
4 Frames for branding to be put up on road leading from Gate 2 to Hall no 1 INR 2500 per frame per day

Schedule IV

Following statutory approvals are required to be obtained from the appropriate authority. The Organisers shall obtain the relevant permission/compliance required by them at their cost and ensure that the same is procured and submitted to Nesco Limited or its divisions [Bombay Exhibition Center and Nesco Foods] prior to the Exhibition/event.


  • Mahanagar Corporation of Greater Mumbai [P- South Ward office]
    • Health Department- For setting of temporary canteen/snacks outlets etc.
    • Pest Control Department- for Fumigation for pest control
    • Solid waste management Department - for Solid Waste Disposal for Garbage clearance.
    • Building & Factory Department -When erection of temporary stage/shamiana / Structure
    • Hoarding & advertisement License Department- Display of Banners -for branding done outside the venue i.e. at outside of Gates, boundary walls, street poles, etc.
  • Police
    • Law & Order
    • Use of Loudspeakers
  • O/o. Additional Collector
    • For paid entry into the exhibition/event; sponsorships & barters
  • Electrical Inspector- Public works department
    • For certifying the electrical installations and use of generator
  • Third Party Insurance –
    • For indemnifying Bombay Exhibition Center (A Division of Nesco Limited) against any untoward incidents that may arise.
  • Fire Brigade
    • Permission from Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police & Joint Commissioner Police - Traffic Police
  • Excise Department
    • Temporary Club Licence for Serving Alcoholic Beverages [Beer, Wine & Hard Foreign Liquor]
      (In co-ordination with a Nesco Foods division of Nesco Limited)
  • For playback of songs & music & sound recording either audio or video or both for public performance from any appropriate authority/authorities.

    Few of authorities are mentioned hereinafter

    • I.P.R.S For stage performances & music copyright [Indian Performance Rights Society]
    • P.P.L Copyright for playback of songs & music [Phonographic Performance Licence]


  • Mathadi Union
    • Organiser/Service Provider/ Exhibitor should comply with all the Terms and conditions as per Maharashtra Mathadi, Hamal and other Manual Workers (Regulation of Employment and Welfare) Act 1969 and should submit receipt copy to BEC
  • Architect Certificate -for Structural Stability of temporary structure.
  • Terms and conditions of the permissions / NOCs obtained from the MCGM, Police Authority, Fire Department, Mathadi Union, Excise Department or any Government, semi –Government, any other appropriate statutory authority and/or any other authority including private AND/or non-governmental for conducting the exhibition.