Businesses evolve, so do mindsets. Only beliefs remains unchanged.

With business verticals as varied as exhibitions, events, hospitality, MICE and realty, our steady expansion augments our growth as we watch several new ideas find form.


With the continued expansion of the Bombay Exhibition Center, there is now a versatile solution for any trade fair. The BEC is already India’s largest exhibition venue in the private sector, hosting all the Messe’s as well as organisers from across the globe.


Nesco Realty carved a new benchmark with its premium IT Park. A self-sustained facility, the Park is laid out over several million square feet. It accommodates the world’s leading multinationals such as HSBC, KPMG, PWC, MSCI, BlackRock and several others. The division is now looking to offer maximum value, comfort, luxury and style in the housing market.


Indabrator, our engineering division is a pioneer in the surface-preparation category. Backed by best-in-class technology, Indabrator boasts of the finest manufacturing units. Today, it remains a company with impressive market share and multiple innovations in the pipeline.


Our foray into the event space has been buoyed with excitement. Nesco Events has created unique properties that have quickly become resounding successes. This is taking the business off to an impressive start and is enhancing the Group’s strengths to deliver quality entertainment to a burgeoning audience of eager enthusiasts.


Nesco Foods caters to all levels of social, business and luxury events. It is one of Mumbai’s most preferred hospitality providers, well-recognised for their varied capability and array of cuisines. The division operates the largest non-flight kitchen in the city with a capacity of over 50,000 meals a day.


As we leap ahead with the new, the glue that holds us together is the culture of ‘Believe’. More than a philosophy, it is the reality that we live every day and share with the world in our products, services, social initiatives and the countless lives we impact.

A whole universe stands
waiting to be explored.
And yet it may remain
undiscovered, unless
you believe in taking the
first step!


A note from the Founding Director and Mentor

One goal. Eight decades. Infinite possibilities
In the last eight decades, Nesco has come a long way. We see our present success as only the start to newer and bolder initiatives. This is an affirmation that as we continue to grow, we add to the growth of our country.

Our teams are motivated to set new benchmarks across industries through perseverance and innovation. The world we live in is rapidly evolving and at Nesco we are prepared to meet every challenge head on.

- Late Shri. Sumant J. Patel.
  • Our Businesses
    Our Businesses
  • The Bombay Exhibition Center is 60,000 sqm of thriving environment for exhibiting and networking. With a robust, all-encompassing infrastructure, the Center paces itself as per global standards.

    The BEC is evolving continuously with people, ideas and voices from all corners of the world. Since 1991, it has brought millions of ideas to life helping businesses converge with common purpose. A museum of limitless possibilities, it is India’s largest exhibition venue in the private sector.

  • Nesco Foods is the preferred Indian partner for the global meetings industry. The company is experienced in offering large-scale luxury to discerning global travellers. Committed to growing MICE in India, the venue and concierge services are world-class.

    Conventions, conferences, AGMs, townhalls, seminars and workshops are a small part of the extensive capability list.

  • Nesco Events is dedicated to crafting unique and exciting cultural experiences that are not just entertaining but also enriching. The brand is known for their specially curated event properties that give people the opportunity to discover multiple genres of entertainment.

    It has also built an eminent record of venue and event services; across corporate and social events. The scope of the events offering just keeps getting wider.

  • Nesco Foods creates a myriad of gourmet experiences for groups of 50 to 50,000. With the largest non-flight food facility, it can effortlessly cater to weddings and social outings, exhibitions with in-stall dining, banqueting and ODC (Outdoor Catering).

    Its unconventional bouquet extends to managing food courts, office cafeterias, delivery services and mobile food services.

  • Nesco Realty is recognised for revolutionising workspaces and assembly spaces. Its Mumbai IT Park houses several multi-nationals providing a self-sustained ecosystem. Among its many world-class amenities, the fine-dining restaurants, food courts, lounge bars, convenience stores and creches make it a holistic workplace for over 25,000 occupants.

    The brand is looking to enter the housing market and offer value in both medium-cost and premium housing.

  • Indabrator is the largest manufacturer of surface-preparation equipment in India. It’s the only company with its own foundry and abrasive plant. Indabrator's market leadership is secured by delivering total solutions in all aspects of the value chain.

    The company grants customers a single-window access point for machines, spares, abrasives and services.